22 December 2018

Whither? Whither?

Cameron Kunzelman has an end-of-year article up on Waypoint forecasting a new paradigm that's being set for first-person gaming. 2018 has seen a crop of works from the indie sphere gain enough traction to seemingly herald a first-person New Wave, works which proceed from a genre premise informed by Blendo, Fullbright, Davey Wreden, Kitty Horrorshow. Expectations are shifting, not toward a singularity but a multiplicity; a heterodox attitude and general profile that values intimacy and obliqueness over kitchen sink bombast.

30 November 2018

Light Notes on a Dark Project

In my ongoing quest to assume the credentials of a PC gaming connoisseur, I played through the original Thief for the first time earlier this year. The game is now 20 years old, and is being roundly celebrated by the hobby's best and brightest. The blog gong has been rung.