11 August 2019

7 Day Broughlike

From June 2nd to June 9th, me, Ben Allen, and kjeann hosted the inaugural 7 Day Broughlike (#7DBL) jam.

About a year ago Alex Chen (vivafringe) created the Brough Games Discord server, where the jam was first proposed and then organized; vivafringe had previously provided some much-appreciated Brough game commentary, including a Cinco Paus strategy guide and streams of Imbroglio's Izu Mode (like a daily challenge but for every 4 days). Really valuable stuff, especially for those looking to penetrate under the surface of these sometimes inscrutable creations.

When it comes to appreciating the work of Michael Brough, there is currently, as Frank Lantz put it, "the thrill of being on the inside of a grand secret, members of an elite cabal," but without a dedicated forum in which Brough's cult may gather, its fervent, often Portuguese murmurings might have tapered off into silence.

A clear nod to the annual 7DRL (7-Day Roguelike) challenge, an indie institution which midwifed Brough's own Zaga-33 and 868-HACK (in the form of its prototype 86856527), the 7 Day Broughlike is intended to clarify, explore, interpret, and test the ideas and techniques that make Brough's games—many (but far from all) of which could be called "coffee break" or "minimalist" roguelikes—so compelling.